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Our firm has been managing Communities for 25 years and we are registered professionals with a well trained young and multidisciplinary team. Apart from the office staff, we have two Real Estate Managers and 3 lawyers registered with the Professional Lawyers Association in Girona plus one member of staff with business studies qualifications. We are both insurance agents as well as Real Estate agents.




One of the direct benefits for our Communities is our highly personal permanent legal consultancy. For this reason legal problems can be solved at any time thus avoiding any added complications with problems getting worse. These services are all included in our Management fees which have been agreed upon, except for judicial matters, which are assessed in each individual case. Judicial complaints for unpaid amounts are processed by another office we can trust and are monitored exhaustively.
AWe can also advise you on insurance for buildings and individual households and other similar products and services. We also offer advice regarding rentals and sales.

The following services in your Community are available and we also deal with the following: 


  Recommend convenient measures to look after the Community and check that all services are working correctly. 

 Prepare the annual accounts of the preceding exercise and the budget for the following year. 

  Carry out the agreements of the Committee following the instructions of the Chairperson. 

 Collection of amounts due and payments to be paid out.

 Negociate the payment of unpaid debts of the Community. 


 Draw up the Minutes of the A.G.M. (Annual General Meeting).

  Process the Community’s insurance and deal with and monitor the claims. 

  Permanent legal advice. 

  Regular visits to the building. 

  Our board rooms are at your disposition for the Community meetings (A.G.M) which have a capacity for 40.  



Ask for an estimate with no obligation! 

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