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Somos exclusif des agentes de Mutua de Propietarios


We are exclusive accredited agents of MUTUA DE PROPIETARIOS number 5143, the insurance leader in real estate, both for community owners or individual proprietors. We study your personal case and as specialists we propose the best option.



Mutua Mutual Building Selection Plus


Mutua de Propietarios offers a high-end product specially designed for community owners and property owners. It is an insurance with flexibility to adapt, in coverage and costs, to the needs of your building. The dynamic conception of the insurance Mutual Building Selection Plus allows you to combine the different coverage and capitals adapting them to your requirements. Besides the usual basic guarantees we offer the possibility of extending your insurance to your liking including a number of additional guarantees. And, as always, we offer the guarantee of our expertise and tradition, insuring buildings for over 170 years. 


Mutual Global Home  

  • 15% discount on the premium for being comprehensive customer if the community is assured on Mutua de Propietarios
  • Coberturas adecuadas a la titularidad del inmueble(si es propietario, arrendador o arrendatario) 
  • Hasta el 40 % de descuento por la contratación de una franquicia según garantías
  • Garantías perfectamente complementarias a la póliza de Comunidades de Mutua de Propietarios, no tiene porque pagar garantías duplicadas
  • 15% de descuento según garantías, si la vivienda tiene menos de 10 años
  • Cobertura opcional para cubrir el riesgo de impago de alquileres
  • Hasta el 15 % de descuento según garantías por medidas de protección
  • Posibilidad de ampliación de coberturas en cualquier momento dentro de una amplia selección (coberturas opcionales)


Mutual Business


Mutua Negocio, un seguro de comercios especial y flexible. Mutual Business, a business insurance flexible and special. Mutua de Propietarios offers you an insurance that allows you to hire the most appropriate coverage to each business. Our expertise allows us to offer a product with the best market conditions at a competitive price.

Mutual Rental 

So far no one protected you from the eventualities that involve renting a property, , for this reason Mutua de Propietarios has created a new insurance for you to stop taking unnecessary risks. With the coverage offered by this insurance, you can recover unpaid rental income from your tenant. In addition, we will put in the hands of expert lawyers the eviction process, so you can have your

property as soon as possible. And if the defaulter tenant makes vandalized acts or steals, on the continent of your home, we compensate for the damages. 


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